Being SuperDog by Bro Duncan PBGV

You have often heard what keeps Them awake at night, and very dull and worthy it is, too. On the whole, I sleep soundly and dream great dreams. One day, I hope my dreams will become reality. I dream we shall all walk together in perfect bliss and amity over the Elysian fields, stopping now and then for a little ambrosia and nectar (for Them) and a big bowl of kibble (for me), and perhaps a little snooze in the shade of some fragrant tree. But, alas, I am not always able to sleep through the night. There are occasions when I toss and turn with worry. Sometimes I worry about Them: are They O.K., is BigSis all right, is Quietnun coping, and all that kind of stuff. Then I worry on a larger scale. Is humanity going to the cats, why can’t we all live together in peace and harmony, what does tomorrow hold?

It is at times like these that I realise that being a monastic dog gives my sleepless moments purpose. I can put my paws together and pray, not just for Them, but for the whole world. No longer am I just Bro Duncan PBGV, a small hound of no consequence who can’t do much beyond keeping Them cheerful, I am a powerful pooch, able to intercede for all whom I love and, indeed, for the whole world. I am SuperDog, but SuperDog with a divine mission. I can love everybody, even the most tiresome humans; and that, when you think about it, is no mean achievement. All this I can do without straying from my basket or making a great fuss, because prayer is possible at all times and seasons and in every place. I just have to be true to my doggy nature.

Good things come in small packages, I’m told. Sometimes godly things do, too.