Just a Thought

In all the debate about gay marriage on the internet at present, I have yet to see reference to marriage as a reflection of the union between Christ and his Church. That absence is for me quite telling, because so long as we see marriage or any other human relationship as concerning only the individuals involved, I think we miss something important. An emphasis on the individual has the effect of limiting our vision. We speak in terms of equality and rights rather than complementarity and duties, what is owed to rather than what is owed by. I sometimes wonder whether that is why there are so many broken relationships in western society.

The point I’m making is general, so please don’t fill the comment box with arguments for and against gay marriage. Much better, surely, for us all to examine the relationships in our lives and ask ourselves whether we haven’t fall into the trap of thinking more about what is due us than what we ought to give. It’s just a thought, but it could be a life-changing one.