Victim or Victor?

This morning, as I was praying vigils, I was struck by a thought that connects with what I was saying yesterday, although it approaches the subject from a different angle. Have you noticed how, in the gospels, Jesus never refers to himself as a victim, never refers to his woundedness after the Resurrection? It is always, ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’. The wounds are there, etched into his flesh for all eternity, but the victory over sin and death has transformed them. It is as though he anticipates that transformation, that victory, while never denying the reality of the present situation. When we grumble, we tend to take on the role of victim: ‘poor me’. I wonder whether it would help to see ourselves as sharing in victory more often. Not so much ‘poor me’ as ‘blessed me’. That is not pretending, more a case of seeing things as they really are: transformed by grace and redeemed.