A Heavenly Sky

One of the (many) things I love about our life here in Herefordshire is the beauty of the sky. At night it is inky black or dark blue, and the moon and the stars stud it with silver. This morning it is a luminous blue and pink, with touches of orange and white where sun and cloud meet. Even when it is grey with mist and cloud, it has an airy, clean grandeur about it. It is country sky: bluff, no-nonsense, vast, seen whole, not glimpsed among skyscrapers.

It is easy to see why the sky has become a symbol of heaven. Its purity, silence, and utter loveliness may be tantalisingly beyond our reach, but we see them and feel their power. Have you never wanted to immerse yourself in the sky, be lost in its blueness, or is that something you left behind with your childhood? The sky reminds us of that which is so much bigger and better than anything we can think or imagine. Our ideas of God are too little, too much like ourselves. Look up at the sky and let them expand. God fills not just this Universe but everything that is.