The Baptism of the Lord 2016

The third great theophany of the Christmas season, the Baptism of the Lord, is one we ‘understand’ or can relate to because of our own baptism. We too go down into the Jordan are anointed with the Holy Spirit, but with this difference. Our baptism is only possible because of Christ’s baptism, and it is a manifestation of the fact that God has claimed us for his own. We are baptized into Christ’s death, that we may become a new creation. Today’s collect prays that we may be made sharers in his divinity who humbled himself to share in our humanity. That is the meaning of the Incarnation, and it is grace given us at baptism. Today, let us pray that that grace may have full effect in our lives.

Our Broadband is too slow this morning to allow me to download this image, but if you have time, please follow the link. It is worth pondering: