September Sundays and the Rule of St Benedict

Here we are, on the first Sunday in September, with all around us the sights and sounds of late summer, from the drowsy hum of bees in the lavender to the crash and clank of the combine harvester over the way. It is all so English, so peaceful, so timeless somehow. Yet at the same time, we are very well aware of the situation in Syria, Egypt, and, nearer home, the desperate plight of many in Britain today. More and more, I think the world mirrors that of the sixth century in which St Benedict wrote his Rule for Monasteries (RB); and the questions St Benedict addresses in his Rule are more than ever relevant to us today.

We read through the Rule three times in the course of the year. Today we begin again with the Prologue. It reminds us that the search for God, for meaning, is never done. However old we may be, we must still bring to the quest a listening heart, a readiness to be changed. Only so can we share in the fruitfulness we see all around us this September Sunday.

Note: you can listen to the Rule of St Benedict being read day by day, as it is in the monastery, on our main website. Scroll to the end of this page: (link opens in new window).