The Times for Saying Alleluia

RB 15, which we read today, is all about the times for saying ‘Alleluia’. Has it ever struck you as odd that Benedict should devote a whole chapter of his Rule, admittedly a very short one, to when Alleluia should be said and with what parts of the Office? It is another little reminder of the centrality of Easter to his thought. The Rule hinges on the great paschal feast, just as the life of the monk or nun hinges on the fact of the Resurrection. To quote again my favourite saying of the Desert Fathers, ‘The monk’s cell is like Easter night, for it sees Christ rising.’

Traditionally, we associate Friday with remembrance of the Passion and Death of our Lord, but they are incomplete without reference to his triumph. So, if you are performing some penance in memory of him, don’t forget to do it gladly. ‘God loves a cheerful giver.’