Preparing for Lent

For the past few weeks the cyberworld has been full of excellent suggestions and resources for Lent. May I suggest one more, which has the advantage of being over fifteen hundred years old and has stood the test of time? I refer, of course, to the Benedictine practice of the Lent Book — a book of the bible chosen for one by another and read straight through in its entirety? You’ll find some previous posts on the subject if you do a quick search in the sidebar of this blog, and I recommend your reading RB 48. 15–20 and RB 49 for a fresh perspective on Lent in general.

To read scripture slowly and prayerfully requires discipline and application, especially when the choice is not one’s own. It is, in fact, a valuable form of ascesis. In previous years I have invited people to email me using the webform on this site or on our monastery site for a Lent book, without restriction of numbers. This year I am having to put a limit on the numbers and say I will respond to the first fifty requests only; but if you would like to share this ancient monastic practice, do please get in touch, using the webform. Some people have found it very helpful.