The Eco Approach

Anything and everything (except sin, of course) can reflect the beauty and holiness of God. The trouble is, we tend to substitute the beauty and holiness of things for the beauty and holiness of God. Even in a monastery, you can find people so determined to save the earth that they overlook or undervalue the importance of persons. I find that troubling. It is a reminder that any good cause can take over our lives, giving us a lop-sided view of things. Yes, let us do all we can to preserve the beauty of earth and sky, rivers and seas; let us do all we can to preserve the biodiversity of the planet; but let’s not forget that there is only one creature made in the image and likeness of God.

To preserve our humanity in the face of all that militates against it is also an ‘ecological endeavour’, one on which much of the future of the planet depends. If that sounds a bit pompous, this question may make my meaning clearer: unless we work together to roll back the consequences of some of our more stupid actions, can the earth recover of itself? We (most of us) accept that we are the problem. May we not also be the solution?