The Annunciation 2014

The Annunciation is one of my favourite feasts, so here are two small things inspired by today’s celebration. The first is one of the earliest ebooks I ever did. The introductory essay may help to explain why Catholics consider the Blessed Virgin Mary an important figure in salvation history. The second is simply a talk I gave to the community one day. Please be aware that if you don’t have Flash enabled on your computer, you may encounter one or two difficulties:

and for the podcast, follow this link (opens in new window):

Important Copyright Notice

You may download one copy of the podcast for your own use, but you may not copy it nor redistribute it in any way whatsoever. It is copyright © Trustees of Holy Trinity Monastery. You may not download, copy or reproduce the ebook in any way whatsoever. It is copyright © Trustees of the Conventus of Our Lady of Consolation. Used by permission.

Personal Health Update

I’m being admitted to the Nuffield Hospital, Oxford, on Wednesday, 26 March for surgery the following day. (I have a soft-tissue cancer known generally as sarcoma.) I shall not be blogging/replying to emails for a while, but I do ask your prayers. Thank you.