Love of Country

St George’s Day is kept in rather low-key fashion here in England. We fly the flag from our church towers, celebrate a rather sombre liturgy and do our best to pretend that we are more or less indifferent to love of country. I think that’s nonsense myself. Love of country, of the place where we were born or nurtured, where we live now, is perfectly natural. Not to celebrate our landscape, seascape and cityscape, our language, culture, and customs, our very people, is to be mean-spirited, ungrateful.

Sadly, love of country has sometimes been identified with a false sense of superiority. We do not need to be better than others to have value; nor would anyone with any sense claim to be so. Today is a day for giving thanks for all we have and asking for wisdom and generosity in our stewardship of the good things God has given us. St George, pray for us!