Days When Nothing Much Seems To Happen

The title of this post may be tempting fate, but most of us experience days when nothing much seems to happen. We just get on with things and the routine of life seems as dull and uneventful as ever. Even the weather conspires to reinforce the sense of ordinariness. But, and I admit it is a very great ‘but’, it is precisely at such times and in such circumstances that we ‘work out our salvation in fear and trembling.’ Today St Benedict sets before us the twelfth step of humility (RB 7. 62–70). It contains both a wonderful promise and a powerful warning. We must make a habit of virtue and move from fear to love in our following of Christ. We ourselves will probably never notice the turning-point. It’s unlikely to be a Road to Damascus experience or anything that will impress itself on us in a dramatic way. For most of us it will be gradual, imperceptible, something that occurs on one of those days when nothing much seems to happen. That is why they matter so much.

Note: if you are interested in St Benedict’s seventh chapter, On Humility, I have written many posts on the different steps he identifies, including, in 2015, a connected series of posts which begins here and covers the whole chapter systematically — or as systematically as I ever manage.