Bank Holiday Week-End

To some, it is an invention of the devil, forcing families to endure three days of close proximity; to others, it is a boon, allowing more time for hobbies and pastimes normally crammed into a few short hours; few now remember how the bank holiday originated, or how recent is the idea of relaxation and leisure in our Post-Industrial-Revolution world. It is something our medieval forebears understood much better. The original holiday was a holy day and appeared at different times throughout the year, tracing not only a secular rhythm but a spiritual one as well. The holy day was a holiday because it meant laying aside the usual preoccupations and tasks and revelling in the goodness of God. It is worth remembering that on the feast of St Bank. Maybe Monday should not be spent on household chores or finishing the redecoration of the back bedroom but doing something that will expand mind and spirit. Even doing nothing has much to commend it. For it seems to be only when we cease our noisy chatter and our endless doing that God can begin to get a word in edgeways.

Note for the bored: this is the 900th post on iBenedictines and was written to the sound of the cuckoo calling from beside the Worm Brook.