Christmas 2014


Today the Word has become flesh. Once God has spoken, no further words are necessary; so, today in the monastery, there is silent wonder and hushed adoration, but because we never quite accept that our own words are not needed, there is also one of the longest and most exhausting liturgies of the Christian year. The paradox is more apparent than real. The mystery of the Incarnation is so vast that we must tug away at it, see it from this side and from that, struggle to comprehend the incomprehensible. It is easy to forget that God has made it simple for us. He has come among us as a baby — helpless, vulnerable, His mighty speech reduced to an infant’s piercing cry. He cries out for love and compassion, healing and forgiveness, tenderness and pity for all His children. The questions is, will we answer? Will we answer God as He desires? What gift will we lay at the crib today?

May your Christmas be bright with love and joy, given and received. You are in the prayers of the community here.