Fundraising Update 2

It is a nail-biting time here at the monastery. After saving every penny we could for the last seven years, we are slowly inching our way towards the deposit we need for a house of our own. Or rather, not ‘our’ house at all, but a house of God where all are welcome. We have made great strides in the past few days, but we still need to raise £150,000 (whether by way of our Charitable Bond, donations or the underwriting of mortgage payments). For an overview of the situation and details of the way we hope to finance this project, please go here.

In the meantime, please keep us and those who wish to join our community in your prayers. It is tantalising to realise that the hard economic times we are all experiencing offer a unique opportunity to establish the monastery in a part of south Oxfordshire which is developing rapidly and where the Christian presence needs strengthening. How better than by a monastery dedicated to prayer, with one door open to everyone on the internet and another to everyone passing by on the road?

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Fundraising Update

It is time we brought you up to date. As many of you know, we live in a rented house which isn’t big enough to receive people who want to join the community or spend time in retreat. In fact, it isn’t really big enough for our charitable outreach as it stands (audio books for the visually impaired, online ministry, etc), much less the outreach we plan. We have one postulant entering next year, please God, and then we shall be FULL. That is very hard on those who are waiting in trust for room to become available.

We have identified a house which would enable us to do a great deal more and, in our view, represents a good investment. As we have no inherited wealth and the income generated by our work is needed to keep everything else going, we have had to appeal for help in buying it — thus giving you the opportunity of becoming a monastic founder.

On our main website you will find details of our Charitable Bond. This is regulated by the FSA and is a way in which you can lend money for a specified period of time and secure a modest return on your capital. We are also appealing for donations, which can be made securely online via our dedicated Charity Choice page (no money is deducted by the bank for this service, and it will even take care of Gift Aid for you).

In short, there are many ways of helping and we would like to thank those who have already contributed very generously. This has become a genuinely ecumenical endeavour, supported by people of many differing religious traditions, and some of no particular belief. During the next fortnight, we shall be making a big effort to secure the remaining finance we need. Please help us if you can. Thank you.

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The Monastery’s Future

On the day when the national minimum wage goes up by a princely 15p an hour, Greece announces her inability to make the required deficit reductions this year or next, and thousands of 65-year olds think they will have to work for ever, we have the temerity to bring you a revised audiovisual presentation on the monastery and its future.

Bad timing? I hope not.  Monasteries think in terms of centuries and eternity rather than the present alone. That is worth pondering, especially since every time you go online you leave indelible traces of your presence. Do, please, tell others about the presentation if you think it would interest them. Our main web site gives details of the many ways in which you can help. Every penny counts, but even if you feel you can’t spare anything, we value your good wishes and prayer.

If you are moved to give straightaway, you can donate securely online, using a credit or debit card, using our personal Charity Choice link. If you are donating from the U.K., it will even take care of Gift Aid for you.

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