Something to Share (with a Smile): International Buy a Nun a Book Day

Today, the anniversary of 9/11, with the world holding its breath about Syria and in the sad knowledge that many other parts of the globe are experiencing tragic wars, I thought I would delay writing a more sombre post and give you something to smile about instead β€” not because I’m being insensitive, but because I know others will provide better reflections on the day than I can. So,

International Buy a Nun a Book Day
International Buy a Nun a Book Day: design by Endre Kormos

Yes, 17 September, the feast of St Hildegard of Bingen, Doctor of the Church and polymath, who, among other things, devised an alternative alphabet, is International Buy a Nun a Book Day, when you are encouraged to search out a nun or sister and give her that most precious gift, a good book (preferably asking her first what she’d like). It doesn’t matter whether it’s printed or an electronic download or a voucher to spend in a bookshop. Hopefully, you’ll get to meet some nice people and maybe find a few of your ideas about nuns need revising. We ourselves will be posting a Wish List on FB and here on the blog, which is rather angling of us, but then, did you know that the first book in English on fly fishing was written by a Benedictine nun? Or that one of Britain’s finest Private Presses was run by Benedictine nuns? Books and nuns (especially Benedictine nuns) go together.