Foundation Day 2012

Not so much a blog post, more a brief update on Howton Grove Priory. Today, the eighth anniversary of our canonical foundation, sees the blessing of the new monastery and the celebration of the first Mass in our oratory. I hope to get out a newsletter and some photos before the end of the week (tempting fate by saying that, I’m sure), as well as some overdue thank you letters and emails. Bro Duncan’s guest house has gone to a new home (much rejoicing in the monastic dovecote) and the bookcases in the calefactory are nearing completion so we’ll be able to unpack some of our books at last (even more rejoicing). The wasp nest under the eaves has been dealt with and some of the most rampant conifers will be removed from the garden during the next couple of weeks. There is some redecorating to be done inside the house where we have had some plasterwork renewed, but, by and large, we can say that the main work of moving in is now complete. All great blessings for which we give thanks; as we give thanks for our Oblates and Associates, and all our friends, living and dead, who have helped us over the years, often at considerable sacrifice to themselves. Please keep them in your prayers, and those who wish to join the community. The novitiate is formally opened today, and our first prospective postulant needs prayers as we try to resolve the remaining visa issues. After that, what is there to say except Deo Gratias.