A Question of Style

Should I give this blog a new template for the desktop version (the mobile version will remain the same)? Long-term readers know that I chose the rather austere style of Rodrigo Galindez’s design because it suited my purposes as a monastic blogger. I don’t often include pictures or audio and wanted something that would load quickly, read easily and not offend anyone’s love of typography too grossly. A plain and simple style for a plain and simple person, which is what you have. But the point of writing is to be read, and I’m aware that a ‘tired’ lay-out may put others off.

What do you think? Shall we stay with the tried and trusted, or shall I spring something new on you? I’m not intending to load the page with artwork or audio, but I may move the comments system over to Disqus so this would be a good time to speak up. Make your views known!