Honest Politics

As we draw closer to the General Election, one wonders what the latest bribe promise to the electorate will prove to be. I am not myself allied to any political party, so the ya, boo, sucks type of argument many enjoy tends to leave me cold. Unless I have been looking in the wrong places (quite possible), I have not yet seen any really thoughtful analyses of what the next government must tackle and how. For many of us who believe we have a duty to exercise our right to vote responsibly, 7 May looms uncomfortably close without our being any the wiser about the choice we should make.

I myself have a very specific, personal interest in the future of the NHS, but I wouldn’t make promises about that the litmus test of responsible government. I have a keen interest in business and economics, but I wouldn’t make promises about that my sole criterion, either. I also  have strong opinions about what are generally termed ‘pro-life issues’ but I can’t stomach the other views of some of those who espouse similar pro-life ideals. Single-issue politics do not do justice to the complexity of modern society, nor does looking at our own country in isolation from all others help us make wise decisions. I am thrown back on prayer, as always, and a tedious search for something more than electoral promises: commitment and challenge. An honest warning of more blood, sweat and tears beats a specious hope of jam tomorrow any day.