A Little Silliness

The British tend to be sentimental about animals. They allow us to unbend our proverbial stiff upper lips and say affectionate things to them we would never dream of saying to any human being. They hear our confessions long before we enter the confessional; they welcome us home when we return at ungodly hours; they put up with our moods and never, ever hold a grudge for more than about ten seconds. In short, they are pretty good at showing us how to live a good life, with everyone our very best friend. (They also teach us to eat everything in sight, but that is a more doubtful quality.)

Today we are celebrating the thirteenth birthday of iBenedictines’ co-blogger, Bro Duncan PBGV (a.k.a. Champion Soletrader Dunc ’n Disorderly,) with a virtual Birthday Tea-Party at 4.00 p.m. It is pure silliness, but sometimes a little silliness can show us what really matters. To be kind, to be generous, to be friendly, to be loyal, these are not spectacular qualities and they will never make us rich or famous; but they may make us people it is good to know. They may even help make us into the people God intended us to be, and that is not silly at all.