Two Hairy Brothers: 3

Letter from Bro Dyfrig BFdeB to Bro Duncan PBGV

Howton Grove Priory

Feast of St Dyfrig 2016

Dear Cousin Dunc,

Sorry I’m a bit late telling you all about my profession on 11 November, but I’ve been very busy being good and keeping the squirrels out of the garden and today’s been a bit hectic, what with being my feast-day and all that.

It was a lovely day: They chose the feast specially because St Martin was French and very brave, just like me, and shared his coat with a poor man, just as I shed mine all over Them when I get excited. Bro Eric was there to give me some fellow male support, which was nice because he thought about giving me chicken for dinner and other nice things as well. It’s very hard being the only chap in a monastery of nuns sometimes, but you understand that.

The ceremony was quite short. First of all, BigSis asked me if I were happy (yes), and whether I’d eat and sleep as taught by the Rule (yes), and occasionally obey the orders given me (definite maybe on that one: They have to obey all the time, so, you see, it pays to be a dog), and then she went on to mention something about the chicken for my dinner; so after that I kept totes quiet and just looked eager. I was then dressed in the clothing of the monastery as it says in the Rule, and got my St Benedict’s medal and leather collar; and then we had a little party. Here are some photos of the event.

First, this is me paying close attention to that mention of chicken for dinner:

Bro Dyfrig listens to the prioress

Then, here’s Bro Eric giving me some encouragement because I did have a nervous moment about what I might be letting myself in for:

And then you see the shiny new medal that shows I am a Frater Dilectissimus (Beloved Brother) of the community for ever and ever. I’ll send you one of my leather collar, but that’s less interesting than the medal, which came all the way from Monte Cassino.

Bro Dyfrig displays his St Benedict medal

Now, of course, it’s back to normal; but I think I like normal. You can’t have chicken every day, can you; but you can have kibble — and be grateful.

Love and licks,

Bro Dyfrig BFdeB

Letter from Bro Duncan PBGV to Bro Dyfrig BFdeB

The Heavenly Houndland
14 November, 2016

My dear Bro Dyfrig,

I was very pleased to hear from you, young sprog, and know that you are now a permanent member of the community. Enjoy your feast day, but don’t forget that this is when it all begins. You’ve had the big ceremony and the chicken and the fuss-making, now you’ve got to work at being a good monastic dog, just as Human Beans have to work at marriage after they’ve had the wedding ceremony. The eating and sleeping isn’t difficult, but you’ll have to try harder to steer clear of the allurements of the guest sofa and learn how to fulfil all your duties cheerfully and more or less on time. Those famous cloth ears of yours may need a bit of attention — you’re a Fauve, not a PBGV, after all..

Brave as you are, you will have to be ready to greet everyone in a friendly fashion — you may even have to be nice to the squirrels occasionally; but not cats, definitely not cats in the enclosure. Heroic canine virtue does not stretch that far, so you can relax on that score.

Your main role will be ‘meeter and greeter’ or what St Benedict calls the porter of the monastery. Being the ‘wise old man at the door of the monastery’ is a great responsibility; but I know you’ll give it your best. Just go on being you and you won’t go far wrong. Give my love to Them.

Your devoted old cousin,

Bro Duncan PBGV