A Matter of Perspective


The prayer gazebo at Howton Grove Priory
The Prayer Gazebo at Howton Grove Priory

I normally photograph our prayer gazebo from the front, so that one can see the cross hanging from one of the beams. Yesterday I photographed it from the rear. One cannot see the cross, only the raspberries growing into the gazebo and helping to fill it with cool green light even on the sunniest of days. A change of perspective; a change of understanding; but not, fundamentally, a change of purpose. The gazebo is still a place of prayer, a place of refreshment.

There is more to this than mere whimsy. As human beings, we are constantly changing, constantly in search of something better. That is why drawing our lines in the sand is, very often, only as effective as drawing a line in sand can be, i.e. not at all. The Brexit/Bremain debate has reached a point where most people are heartily sick of the scare-mongering and dodgy statistics on both sides. If leaving the E.U. means Britain would be contributing more to the world (and demanding less for herself) than she is as a member of the E.U., my vote would be to leave. Conversely, if leaving the E.U. means Britain would be contributing less to the world (and demanding more for herself), my vote would be to remain. It is, for me, a matter of perspective, but also one that touches on my understanding of the nation-state’s role and purpose in the world. As I have often said before, ‘what’s best for us’ depends on how one defines ‘us’, and I, for one, cannot separate how I understand that from how I understand any and everything in the light of the gospel. How I vote on 23 June will require some hard thought and much prayer.