One Day at a Time

There has been a lot of sadness and distress in the most recent prayer requests sent  via our email prayerline. We answer with a generalized reply if a valid email address is supplied on the form, to ensure the confidentiality and anonymity on which people rely. But if I had to give any more personal advice, it would be very simple: take one day at a time. The greatest tragedies, like the most heart-breaking anxieties, can only be approached in the present. It is now that we have to deal with them — not tomorrow. Grace is given as and when we need it. It can’t be stored up, although, of course, we can prepare ourselves to receive grace by trying to live virtuously, reading, praying, receiving the sacraments and so on.

Whatever may be weighing upon you today, be comforted that the Lord knows what you are struggling to bear and will help you — in his own way and at his own time, admittedly, but help he will. The Imitation of Christ says that if we bear the cross cheerfully, it will bear us. I think I’d go further and say, even if we bear the cross haltingly and with many a grumble, it will still carry us. Those wide arms encompass the whole world and all eternity. We are safe when we cling on as best we can.