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There are three ways you can ask the nuns to pray for you:

  1. send a request via one of the dedicated Prayerline contact forms on our web sites, e.g. (link opens in a new tab);
  2. add your petition to the list of prayer intentions on our Facebook page at — but remember it can be read by everyone, not just the nuns;
  3. write by snailmail, but please don’t expect us to reply or enter into correspondence with you. We will certainly pray, but we are physically unable to keep up with all the letters and emails we receive.

2 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Today with 400+ CWL members we celebrated at the Oxford Oratory 150th Anniversary of the birth of Margaret Fletcher, where she worshipped when she became a Catholic. Principal Celebrant Rt Rev Peter Doyle Bishop of Northampton and CWL Ecclesiastical; Advisor Bishop Kenney together with 10 other Priests. A great gathering. ~As it was the Feast of St Benedict I thought of you particularly. Mary

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