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  1. Dear Sr Catherine
    I am overjoyed to hear you have found a new place to go to, although sad it is elsewhere. And even more glad to read you have a new postulant.
    May you and Sr Lucy be writing the early chapters in a story which will extend to generations to come.
    May the Lord of all Mercies attend your ways and make you very fruitful.
    love from John

  2. I am new to this website and emailed this question earlier today. As I am really interested to have a response, I am posting the question here as well:

    My question is about the suffering of children like Victoria Climie and Baby Peter and Kristy Bamu. Their suffering was so enormous, they were so young and alone. It seems they suffered more than Jesus who freely chose to die for us. How is their suffering ever reconciled? One moment of their suffering is more than anything I have endured. How can this be made right, even in heaven?

  3. Dear Sister ‘Digitalnun’
    It has been so heartening to read your totally compassionate comments about Amanda Hutton.
    Today I read an article in this last week’s ”Sunday Times’ about Amanda Hutton and all the very sad events. It was written with very great compassion for Amanda as well as for her son and other members of the family.
    Reading about all the circumstances involved was very distressing but the writer’s attitude was so refreshing and non-judgemental . It is awful to think how terrible it must be to be Amanda as well as how devastating for others and how awful was the suffering of the poor child.
    However it could easily be anyone of us in that situation if it had been us. I don’t really like that ‘old’ expression ‘There but for the grace of God go I” but reading both that article and your comments too is so refreshing. It is so good to read comments that are non-judgemental and full of compassion.
    Thank you very much indeed, Jenny.

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