The World seen from the Cloister . . .

This is a blog written by Benedictine nuns from Holy Trinity Monastery, formerly of East Hendred, now at Howton Grove Priory, U.K. We prefer to call ourselves cloistered rather than enclosed because the word ‘enclosed’ may suggest a closed mind. We have a special interest in using contemporary technology to reach out to people who would never otherwise come to the monastery.

Our community web site is at http://www.benedictinenuns.org.uk (desktop and large-screen devices) and at http://www.benedictinenuns.net (small-screen mobile devices). Our Online Retreat Service is currently being updated but will be found later at http://www.onlineretreats.org.

Holy Trinity Monastery, a charitable company limited by guarantee and incorporated in England and Wales, Company No. 7487215, Registered Charity No. 1144001. Registered Office: Howton Grove Priory, 1-2 Howton Grove Barns, Wormbridge, Herefordshire, HR2 9DY.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. It is just what I have been looking for. My prayers are for you, my thoughts are with you. I wonder if a thought is a prayer.

    • I sincerely hope a thought counts as a prayer. I have always struggled with formal and familiarly repeated prayer. A thought in need whatever that be is surely better even as a cry for help than despondant silence?

  2. Hi! A Catholic friend here at work sent this to me. He actually sent me the link about Nicea. Anyway, I’m not Catholic, but my first thought was that it would look much better if the articles were “Justified”, i.e. where all lines are the same width, like a block.

    Otherwise, I like your blog. It’s very neat and pleasing to the eye. And I liked the content, at least the little bit that I’ve read so far.



    • As a graphic designer, I can assure you justified text usually isn’t esp attractive on a website because a river or rivers typically will.run through the paragraphs unless formatted with an app like Adobe InDesign that supports open type. With the exception of some pdf docs, you can’t export/import your InDesign file to an internet site.

  3. Thank you, Michael, for your comment. I hope you’ll continue to read and join in the discussion. I must admit to liking the ragged edges myself as they enable me to achieve better word spacing without too much hyphenation. It’s really a trade-off between time and aesthetics. As a book designer, I’d love to fine-tune the setting of every post; as a nun, I couldn’t possibly ‘justify’ the time it would take!

  4. I am so excited to have found you. Thank you. I’ve wanted to be a nun even long before I was Catholic, but have been told often I’d make a terrible one! I can at least enjoy a nun blog.

  5. I’ve just discovered your website, it’s wonderful, thank you. As an active Catholic, I believe that one of the ways we can reach many people quickly is through the New Media. Hence I have recently started my own blog with thoughts as I spend 2012 reading, praying and studying the Bible. God bless you for your work.

  6. Thank you for your blog which I have just discovered. I am still new to blogging and love to be inspired by others. It is wonderful how you are enlarging the vision of hospitality to embrace all those of us who can visit you electronically. Blessings on all you do, and I look forward to remaining connected…

  7. i just watched your talk on YouTube – Faith 2.0 — excellent speech! i took notes! i am a Dominican Sister, and a Communications/Technology Director — so i am right there with you and will learn much from you — as we all muddle through and find the best way to use technology with our communities and reaching out to the world. Thank you!

  8. Have read your blogs and the ensuing comments. Am from the Philippines, engaged in giving updates and seminars on Social Media , Information Technology to grade school an high school students.

    Hope to hear more from you via email or twitter@rubymads. Thanks, indeed!

  9. I have just read the blog on abortion rape and the Catholic church Feb 19 2011. It really helped me to articulate my own views on the taking of innocent life. The compassion expressed in the article is crucial so that the message is not lost on the listeners. There is a debate in the media in Ireland at present which is threatening to the the sacred right to life of the unborn. The scandals in our church have weakened the authority of our church’s teaching in the minds of some of our people, opening the way for those who would seek to change the laws. However there also a great renewal and
    strengthening of faith occurring at the same time. Well done on the blog .
    taking place in the church

  10. Hello Sr Catherine, I am fascinated to see your blog and comments. I liked your comment about St Francis , seeing the other side of him wrestling with God alone. Not a side we often think about. . I am an artist and a practising Roman catholic at Corpus Christi church Brixton Hill I am quite new to twitter and am tying to recruit some followers. I wondered if you would consider being one. Thank you

  11. Dear Catherine, I just heard your contribution on Radio 4 Womens Hour, so set off to find your blog. Your contribution on R4 was excellent. I am a Catholic, sometime hopeful Benedictine oblate, and have been looking for blogs such as yours, for a while. Thank you to yourself and R4 for advertising you and your blog and twitter. God Bless Catherine.

  12. As a small community of Franciscan hermits in the Australian bush we too sail close to the wind; it is an exciting way to sail – may be the only way to go! May the Holy Spirit fill your sails and keep you blogging.

  13. Hello to you all. I have been very interested to view your work online and your use of new media to engage with the wider community. I would very much be interested in the possibility of setting up an online video conference as part of our Sixth Form Enrichment Lectures here, so that our girls might gain an insight into the life and work of the monastery. If this is at all possible I would be delighted to arrange something in March 2014. In any event, I thank you for your attention and I wish you well for the future.

  14. Sister,
    The Digital Nun paper today Nov 12, 2014 under “videos” is not working correctly. All the different news story vidoes play the same “Indian news story.

  15. Thank you from me too…since I stumbled on your blog I have felt encouraged, refreshed and challenged. It is actually exciting to log on and see what today’s homily is about! Love to you both.

  16. Thank you for your blog which I have discovered today. I consider myself a solitary Benedictine. I work and pray in my parish and feel no call to the enclosed life but to live a Benedictine life here where God has placed me. It’s taken some years to discern this and I need writing like yours to help me on my way along with the love and help of my parish priest and other praying friends. I found you via Benedictine Nuns Holy Trinity. Thanks again, Lydia

  17. I’ve just found you, and, as I am currently researching a group of English Benedictine nuns, I’m sure I’ll find your thoughts very helpful. Thank you.

  18. While meandering through the internet learning about the lives of nuns (I’m currently reading In This House of Brede), I found your page. Your writings have become part of my daily meditations. I’ve added your work and health to my prayers. Thank you for sharing!

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