The Chuckit List

Today’s gospel, Matthew 5. 20–26, is about forgiveness — something we all find difficult, especially if we try to forgive others in our own strength or think of it as a once-for-all process. It becomes even harder when we hear Jesus telling us that it is not those who have offended us we most need reconciliation with but those who have something against us. Forgiveness is clearly both simpler and more complicated than we might have thought, but there is no escaping it. We live by the mercy of God and that mercy is to be shared with others.

Yesterday, in a different and much sadder context, I was introduced to the concept of the Chuckit List. It is rather like a Bucket List in reverse: not a list of things we want to do or acquire, but a list of things we can let go. May I suggest that we each think about our own Chuckit List — of grudges, resentments, quarrels, prejudices, misunderstandings, estrangements — and resolve to let them go. In setting others free, we are ourselves liberated; and it is never too late to learn that lesson.


10 thoughts on “The Chuckit List”

  1. Dear Sr Catherine,
    This is so pertinent to the problems and issues I am trying to clear up, I wish I had read it many years ago. But it strengthens me on my direction of travel now. Thank you.

  2. Dear Sr Catherine,
    Thank you for this timely reminder. I love this idea of the Chuckit list – life really is too short to hold onto this baggage, and you are so right that in letting go of these things that I can so easily hold onto, I am releasing others and myself as well. Bless you. Sophie

  3. Thank you for this Sr Catherine. We’re always far too ready to think about what we want and yet there is so much to leave behind. Lent is such a good time to make these decisions. God bless you

  4. Sr Catherine thank you for the reminder of this and in a timely way. It’s easy to forgive people we like, respect or love. You say wonderfully ‘ those who have something against us’ – it is more difficult to forgive or ask forgiveness, with people we don’t like, love or respect. It’s easier to blind oneself from this aspect too. After reading your post, I shall examine myself and who is holding a thorn to my side, and work to forgive them.

  5. Dear Sister, you’ve written many things lovely pieces over the years I’ve been following you, but this one really strikes a chord. My Chuck-it list starts now. Thank you, you are in my thoughts every day.

  6. You hit the nail on the head for me. It is hard to let it go when it involves lay church staff. And ends up making participation in liturgy difficult.

  7. Oh, how much you tell us here.

    Prayers daily.

    May Our Lord and his Lady Mother bless you in all. May they watch over you, guard you and guide you; may they keep you safe from all harm and danger; may you rest, ever secure in their love.

    Just think what you have done for all of us out here! Borrowing from Timothy:

    You “proclaim the word; are persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient; you convince, reprimand, encourage through all patience and teaching…self-possessed in all circumstances you put up with hardship; you perform the work of an evangelist; you fulfill your ministry.”

    And oh, how enriched we have been!

    So then, if the time has come for the chuck-it list, if you must lighten your load, then do so with no regrets. You, dear Dame Catherine, have competed well. God willing you not yet have finished the race; but most assuredly you have kept the faith in all things.

    Cleave now to His Light, to His Life, to His Love.

    Peace be with you, prayers always, and much love—


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