Tired of Life?

Over the Christmas period many people have contacted the monastery for different reasons. Some have wanted help with research; others have needed somewhere to stay; others again have asked prayers for themselves or those dear to them. Among those asking for prayer, the sick and those weary of life stand out. I can sympathize with them because I am myself tired of being ill, of having to struggle with simple, everyday tasks and the lowness of spirits that cancer and its treatment (or non-treatment) sometimes brings. But I do not think I would say I am tired of life. In that I am very fortunate. There are thousands of people who are having difficulty coping with the isolation and loneliness that COVID-19 brings. Not all experience clinical depression but many have heightened anxiety or are otherwise struggling. Today would be a good day for not putting off that telephone call, sending that email or somehow making contact with someone who may be in need. We advance the Kingdom by little steps — just as we prove our love in little things.


7 thoughts on “Tired of Life?”

  1. Our church fellowship have been meeting by zoom since March 2020
    It’s wonderful to remain together but I fear altogether too cosy .
    I have been recently challenged by this and looking into ways of us reaching out to those struggling , from our own homes , given that we can’t meet physically together to minister within our community

    Your post was timely and I am hopeful we can individually and as a church fellowship start to take these little steps . Thank you for coping with your treatment and it’s ok to be tetchy !!

  2. A good shot in the arm on a murky wet day when it is much easier to find an excuse to do nothing by way of outreach. But there are 3 Christmas cards sitting on my desk, all of which require precisely that outreach. Thanks, love and prayers as ever

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