Hallowe’en, All Saints and All Souls

Pax pumpkin for Hallowe'en
The Pax Pumpkin

Hallowe’en barely registers at the monastery because once we have sung First Vespers of All Saints we shall be celebrating the triumph of good over evil. No ghosts or ghouls for us, no tacky accommodations with evil under the guise of ‘fun’. With All Souls on Monday, we complete a feast of the the unity of the Church Militant (us), the Church Suffering (those in purgatory) and the Church Triumphant (those in heaven).

For various reasons, I won’t be blogging for a day or two, so here is a round-up of a few previous posts, including one by the late Bro Duncan PBGV, to save you the bother of searching in the side-bar. There are several more, if you are bored.

The illustration alone is entirely new. I can’t say I’m exactly proud of my first attempt at pumpkin-carving, but it is amazing both it and I survived the process. The arrival of Anglo-American neighbours who have a wonderful line of pumpkins outside their front-door prompted me to think how we might join in the children’s fun without encouraging the very things I am doubtful about. So, the Benedictine motto, pax or peace, surrounded by a crown of thorns (please use your imagination), will be shining out into the Herefordshire skies, a little gleam of light amidst much darkness. There is a meaning there that goes beyond the obvious, I trust.


4 thoughts on “Hallowe’en, All Saints and All Souls”

  1. Love the carving! When I visited my bubble (nephew, an evangelical minister, and his family) today their doorstep pumpkin (home-grown) had a beautiful carving too : Christ is the LIGHT of the world!

  2. Dear Brother Duncan,

    Lovely to hear from you, I send you furry sororal greetings from a damp city street. I just wanted to say that I can see where you’re coming from, but you know, every year the church at the end of our street has a Halloween party for all the local children. They dress up, bob for apples, play games and carve turnips or pumpkins and then share the party food that the parents have made. (Sadly, this year there was no party) They have a sing song ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ20dtnZG14 )
    And then the Rector comes in and gives them a little talk about what it all means and she explains about remembering all the saints in heaven and the good they did on earth.
    So, I reckon it’s a good thing. All the neighbours join in and they are very generous – everyone brings something for the food bank as well, and then they march up and down the four streets singing A Soul Cake.
    I just watch from the window because being a very superior cat I don’t like the cold and damp.
    Lots of love,
    Coco Brownpaws

    • Dear Coco, Bro Duncan PBGV was very pleased to hear about your Saints’ party and gave a loud aroo from Beyond. He is very happy that you have never had to encounter real, diabolical evil as They have, but knows that seemingly innocent things such as ouija boards can have very grave consequences. People don’t always realise what they are getting into, but we can’t blame them because they are only Human Beans.

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