Tell My Children I Love Them

Who could fail to have been moved by those words of a dying woman, uttered after being attacked in Nice yesterday? They express all that is best and most loving about mothers, about human beings. For a Christian, looking at a Crucifix, they express God’s love for us, his errant children, and they give us hope. We are loved, and we can choose to love in return.

As news of the attacks in France came in yesterday, I admit to feeling more than usual sadness. Something has changed. Those targeted attacks on the eve of lockdown, like the murder of Samuel Paty, do more than challenge the secular values of the French State. They challenge our faith. Either we believe the gospel, or we don’t. Either we will continue to love, or we won’t. Either we allow God to forgive in and through us, or we don’t. How we manage that, I don’t know. May God give us the grace. And may he comfort those bereaved children and all who mourn.


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  1. I am hoping beyond hope that it is within the sadness and multitude of tears that God finds my prayers as my lips often fail me. Your post in it’s honesty also brings hope bless you.

  2. God Bless you. You help to release my tears, to deepen my faith and to give further grounds to my decision to become a Catholic – aged 22. Thank you.

  3. Love and peace will always triumph over hatred and conflict, no matter how awful the acts of those seeking to impose their doctrines upon the world. My heart goes out to this mother who died and all those affected by this current outrage. May the good Lord bless and care in Heaven for those killed and for their families. Prayers….

  4. I was on a Zoom call last evening doing Collatio (group Lectio). After discerning All Saints readings I blurted out that the world is a very broken place, the saints are those living and dead, the glue that keeps the world held together. They (and be extension we) are the glue that needs to hold the world together. God’s glue.

    Sister, your blog is part of the glue. Many thanks.

  5. What I find so challenging is the total refusal of our Government to engage with the Refugee crisis and actively discouraging those seeking asylum from applying to come to the UK, particularly those who are hoping to rejoin family already here and the hundreds of unaccompanied minors living in appaling conditions. The UK used to be the country of refuge for such people and offered them a safe haven.

    All I hear is more and more bars being erected to prevent them coming and action to be taken against the traffickers who put the regugee’s at risk. Nothing about compassion or empathy or even humanity.

    The description of refugee’s as illegal migrants is used by the government and media to demonize refugee’s and to alienate the public against them. Other descriptions are much worse, used by those who oppose anyone coming here.

    Why have successive governments been so inhumane? The NIMBY attitude is also prevalent across the country when the Home Office proposes to site a refuge for them in their district, most recently outside a former military training establishment.

    I don’t have any solution. Succsive governments have failed in their humanity and it looks as if it will take a huge loss of life before they actually stop denying any responsibility for this happening. Prayer seems to only response available at the moment.

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