A Little Online Housekeeping

This is not a spiritual post (Are they ever? Ed) but a brief explanation of some intended/hoped for changes to our online presence over the next few weeks. We don’t intend to make any major changes to this blog but will continue to add audio of the text whenever feasible. Your comments are always welcome and we are delighted that (nearly) everyone is courteous and thoughtful towards others when engaging in debate. THANK YOU.

For some years we’ve maintained a ‘Daily Reading from the Rule of St Benedict’ audio section on both our large-screen and small-screen web sites (www.benedictinenuns.org.uk and www.benedictinenuns.net). However, we are now moving most of our spoken audio to the Anchor™ platform and featuring the Rule readings on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/benedictinenuns, where you will also find daily prayer intentions, information about the Church, links to Vatican documents, etc., and our Twitterstream, @digitalnun, https://twitter.com/digitalnun. The Facebook page is being restructured to make it easier to use, but our slow internet connection has hampered some of our efforts so it is very much a work in progress. Again, feedback would be welcome.

Our two main web sites about the monastery are being rolled into one, equally easy to use on both a large or small screen. The content has been largely re-written — several times. The new site will incorporate the online retreat material we used to issue under a separate domain name, plus our first blog, Colophon, and archive material we think may still be useful. We are not sure when we are going to be able to release our new site, however. It will mainly depend on Rome, which has issued quite a lot of new legislation for contemplative nuns in the last few years, and my own health. We are also going to be adding a new domain name to our current selection which we think will enable more people to find us online if they wish.

We have no plans to add an Instagram account as we are not a very ‘visual’ community but we are always glad to be alerted to platforms which might be of use to people seeking God. We’d love to be able to re-introduce our interactive online meetings but we’ll probably have to wait for 5G and use tethering to make that possible It can’t be done on rural broadband with pathetically slow and uncertain connection speeds.

We will continue to have all our sites professionally monitored 24/7 to ensure that they are safe for you to use. Sadly, hackers and scammers are no respecters of persons or institutions. Our online donation facility at VirginMoneyGiving is unchanged for those who wish to support our work financially.

The one thing you can be sure won’t change is the community’s prayer for everyone with whom we come into contact, and our gratitude for your support and interaction.


10 thoughts on “A Little Online Housekeeping”

  1. Thanks for being there with regular reflections. Thanks for your prayers for us all. I find that 10 minutes at the beginning of a busy day spent quietly reading your blog sets me up quite well.
    I’ll pray for you all.

  2. Thanks for the update Dame Catherine. I recently heard from the IT department of the university I’m still connected to that they (and other universities) have faced a substantial _increase_ in the number of phishing attacks etc. since the start of the cv lockdown.

    • I can confirm that from my own experience, just looking at the traffic directed at us. I used to monitor our sites myself but a troublesome and rapid injection of malicious code a few years ago convinced us that we must outsource the monitoring. It’s not cheap, but it would be irresponsible for us not to. I wish other ‘religious’ sites would do the same and not just assume they are immune.

  3. The first things I do in the morning after waking is to check email, dress, feed Mitzi and the birds, then pray. Checking for your prayer intentions and forwarding them to MonasticLife. Lauds follows. If anything, the lockdown should impress on the authorities the need for fast reliable Internet and Mobile connections. Having lost mine
    for about 18 hours emphasises how much we now rely on it. I pray that action is taken so it enables your work to be done. Later in the day I read your blog for contemplation. I so value your community and its contribution to my life.

    • Thank you very much, John, for your encouragement and for all you do for the ‘Benedictine world’. Better broadband would be a blessing to us and to all who live in this area.

  4. Thank you for your daily prayer posts, which I share in hopes that it will move others to think on the needs of others. These posts give me daily comfort in a troubled world. I pray for you in my daily prayers. May you continue to be blessed.

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