Palm Sunday 2020

The Entry into Jerusalem
The Entry into Jerusalem by Giotto

Those with good memories will have noticed that this image has been used before on iBenedictines. There is something about the donkey’s mild eye and switching ears that, for me, captures the strangeness of this moment. Jesus enters Jerusalem to the hosannas of those who will soon be shouting ‘Crucify him! Crucify him!’ He does so on the the back of a beast of burden, yet is he who carries our sins, he who bears the heaviest load of all. He does so gladly, just as Giotto’s donkey seems to rejoice that he carries our Saviour.

Today, wherever we are, we are one with those on the road into Jerusalem. We, too, are cutting down green boughs and spreading our cloaks before Jesus, even if only metaphorically. We sing our hosannas, knowing that we also could change to hostile cries and jeers in an instant. We do that every time we fail to recognize Christ in others, every time we set ourselves up to be judge, jury and executioner over the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable, anyone to whom we are antagonistic or hostile, for whatever reason. But we also know that if we allow Jesus into our hearts, we won’t do that. The choice before us is therefore stark. Will we make a way for him into our hearts or not? Will we let him trample down everything that is inconsistent with his lordship? Will we be his Jerusalem?


7 thoughts on “Palm Sunday 2020”

  1. Thank you Sister this is going to be a strange Palm Sunday no procession into church, no joyful hymn singing in church. we are making Palms and with a cross putting them on our front door, so that as people walk by on their daily walk they can see them. our neighbourhood has rainbows and teddy bears (going on a bear hunt) up for the children. so the Palm crosses will be for all, I am thinking to add to this during Holy Week, as we journey on.

  2. Deeply moving and heart stopping. Thank you. A Palm Sunday we shall all remember… and this year will have to celebrate in our own way, whilst we leave our hearts open … for the joyful outburst of Easter Sunday.

  3. Beautiful Giotto painting. Thank you sister in Christ…may the Good Lord shine upon all of us on Palm Sunday.

  4. Dear Sister Catherine, thank you for another thoughtful and timely piece on the fickleness of the human condition to change tack and seek scapegoats in the face of true love and goodness.
    We are in dire times and need God’s grace and love more than ever. We also need to show our love for our neighbours whoever they may be.
    God bless and care for you and your Sisters. Peace and love be with you all.

  5. “O come to my heart, Lord Jesus, MAKE ROOM in my heart for Thee” (altered from the hymn’s “There is room….”
    Prayerful thanks for this post.

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