5 thoughts on “Peace Sunday 2020”

  1. Living in close proximity to ranches my first impression of the barbed wire and PAX image was a positive one. Good fences make good neighbours, and ranchers spend many long hours repairing and maintaining their barbed wire, both to prevent livestock from wandering onto other properties and to keep the herd safely together.

    I realized your intent and message as I read further and thought about how our own articles of faith can be used to repel those whose beliefs and customs differ from our own, rather than building up we keep out. If what we cherish is worthy of our protection then it must be shared with love otherwise it isn’t rooted in Christ.

  2. God bless you, dear Sister Catherine, for this. War is the antithesis of peace as is hatred of love.
    Despite their protestations, Pope Francis, Archbishop Justin and the Dalai Lama have much more to do to bring peace and love to the world by persuading the world’s leaders of the merits for all of pursuing policies based on compassion and care for everyone.
    Praying for you as always that the Lord may bless and heal you.

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