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The Vatican’s eRosary: expensive gimmick or aid to prayer?

Yesterday the BBC website ran a brief article on the Vatican’s launch of an eRosary bracelet — a snip at £85. I did what any twenty-first century nun would do, enquired of others via Social Media whether they had any experience of it. Of course, not one had, though I learned quite a lot about what they did have and what they thought about the principles involved (too expensive being a recurring theme).

I have often explained that, for us as Benedictines, the Rosary is a purely private devotion. I personally take the view that whatever helps someone to pray must be good, and a prayer that concentrates, as the Rosary does, on the life, death and resurrection of Christ and some of the doctrines that flow from that is of special value. But I’m not sure about expensive gadgets or an app that ‘checks’ how we pray. Big Brother and Loving God are not one and the same. If you have an eRosary or experience of using it, do please let me know what you think of it. It may encourage me to dust off an app I designed some time ago but never actually got round to releasing . . . .

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6 thoughts on “The eRosary”

  1. I suppose if this gadget encourages prayer then it is a true sacramental, but we won’t be buying one because we prefer our traditional set of beads and also because we don’t have a “smart” phone – still use an old fashioned flip phone when out and a land line at home. (we’re dinosaurs)

    One question, though – I once read the indulgences granted when praying on a set of blessed beads are for a five decade rosary, not a “tenner” as some refer to them. Is this true or not? I’ve seen some folks praying with a single decade length as well so what about those?

    I wonder who makes up these rosary rules and hope God sees through them to the heart of the one praying no matter what form of counting material they use.

  2. I have a rosary app on my iphone which is great for using on trains or anywhere else I might want to tell a private rosary. I also like the pictures attached to each mystery, although they might not necessarily be the ones that I had chosen. All that being said, I still prefer the feel of my real rosary beads and usually have them wrapped round my hand during mass. x

  3. Have just recently downloaded the app. I do not see the necessity of getting expensive digital beads that have to be synchronised with it. However I do find the readings quite useful and the suggestions for contemplating for each decade. Not sure it is helpful to be told the reference to Gaudete or other documents. Probably these readings will become rather repetitive after some time.
    Am obviously a very inadequate Catholic as I thought the 5 decades rosary was a complete rosary. Apparently all 4 mysteries have to be said to equal one rosary! (I thought I was quite good saying a decade for a specific intention).
    Having someone to pray for, especially tomorrow I thought I’d do the entire rosary. Two today and 2 tomorrow but the app will not move onto the next mystery. I can only repeat the Joyful, because it is Monday. So that is a problem with it. However it also has a morning, midday and evening prayer for every day based on the gospel for the day, which is quite good.
    I’d say the app is pretty good but cannot see the need for the beads.

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