One of the maddening things about other people is that they often have different priorities from us. Not only that, they have different tastes, different values, different habits. In a monastery, of course, there is the advantage of having the same goal in view, though how we achieve it is frequently a matter of dispute (also known as ‘chapter discussion’). Today in the U.K. we shall learn who is to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and so our next Prime Minister. Not everyone will be delighted with the result, nor will everyone share his priorities or agree with his decisions. With both national and international tensions bubbling over, we may be thinking that the situation in which we find ourselves is dire. Perhaps we need a reminder that prayer isn’t a matter of last resort, something we do when we can’t think of anything else. It is what we do first, a genuine priority. On days like this it is a necessity, pure and simple.


4 thoughts on “Priorities”

  1. To be honest, I have avoided the media like the plague because we had Borish as our Mayor for two terms and his performance was about adequate. And I note that he has now retracted his threat to lay down in front of the bull dozers when they start work on the fifth Runway for Heathrow Airport.

    What other pledges has he made, which he won’t be able to deliver?

    We need a government of National Unity, which we have been missing since the last coalition. A government of all of the talents in Parliament, perhaps with a Neutral PM, Caroline Lucas springs to mind.

  2. Difficult for us who want to stay in the EU and improve it to know what to pray for. In stead, “I sang as one / Who on a tilting deck sings / To keep their courage up, though the wave hangs / That shall cut off their sun.” (C. Day Lewis).

    • Yes. Ironic this should happen on the feast of St Bridget, one of the patrons of Europe, isn’t it? I personally don’t pray ‘for’ a particular result but for God to come into the situation I’m praying about and for him to deal with it as he judges best. It saves a lot of sweat.

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