Instant God: a Little Sermo Canis ad Anglos by Bro Duncan PBGV

I have never really understood why Human Beans think PBGVs (Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen) know all about laziness. The first sniff of a rabbit at five thousand paces and we are away. The merest chink of kibble in the food bowl or covert unwrapping of a morsel of cheese and we are by our Human Bean’s side. Even here, where we stretch out in the sunshine of God’s presence, waiting for Them to turn up at the Pearly Gates and make our heaven complete, every nerve is alive, on the alert for everything happening down below; and I must say, recent events have made me realise what silly-billies most of you Human Beans are.

After much thinking, I have come to the conclusion that it is because you are ever so slightly . . . lazy. You want instant solutions that require no effort or exertion on your part. If you have a ‘comfortable shape’, you want to attain your ideal body shape in a matter of days, without the pain of changing your diet or exercise regime. You believe that all your problems will be solved if you can rid yourselves of ‘difficult people’ — the ones you don’t like or fail to understand. You can ridicule them as ‘pompous fools’ or tell them to ‘go back where they came from’ or simply behave so brutally that they will want to get away from you as fast as their little legs will carry them. (In the case of PBGVs, whose legs are indeed little, that is very fast indeed: try saying ‘Vet!’ or ‘Time for your grooming!’ if you don’t believe me.) Then there are those Human Beans who want others to do all the work for them. I call them Instant Gratification Grabbers or IGGs for short. Rather than read a book or even scan a web page, they will send someone an email asking for all the information they require on a certain subject and be grumpy and grudging if they don’t get an instant reply. I have sometimes thought about taking such Human Beans hunting with me, but it wouldn’t be much fun. You need patience to catch rabbits, and lots of persistence, but those who want instant answers wouldn’t know about that.

The big problem, as I see it, is with Human Beans who want Instant God. They want God to be created in their own image and likeness, doing their bidding whenever they deign to notice him. So, they are happy to ignore him most of the time, but the moment something nasty or difficult occurs, there he must be, the kind of God they want at that minute, all trendy and treacle-y, endorsing the latest fashionable fad without so much as a Commandment or Gospel precept to trouble or challenge them. They don’t like the effort that goes into preparing for prayer, so they opt for short-cuts of their own devising, and as for a life of virtue! Well, that is but a fetter on a free spirit, is it not? Even worse, in my view, if they aren’t up to this themselves, they spend their lives condemning those who are. Laziness isn’t very nice, but condemning others for their laziness is even less nice (and I can only do it because I am Beyond and love everyone because I have fulfilled my True Nature as a PBGV and am writing this as a kind of latterday Sermo Canis ad Anglos).

So, my friends, may I urge you to take stock a little and see whether you have fallen into the trap of wanting Instant God? Have you become a little lazy in your thinking and doing, a little lazy in your preparations for prayer? You don’t need to become complicated about it. Take a lesson from me and my pals up here. I mentioned the way we stretch out in the sunshine of God’s love. That’s all there is to it, really. No one close to Him wants to be anything other than His joy and delight. Yes, it takes effort, but never was effort more richly rewarded. The results are not instant but they last for eternity. 🙂

Note from Digitalnun
I’m very grateful to Bro Duncan PBGV for blogging today. I’m delighted to say I can now see with one eye but I have a mountain of admin to catch up with and a daunting amount of correspondence, too. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes, all of which have been much appreciated.


10 thoughts on “Instant God: a Little Sermo Canis ad Anglos by Bro Duncan PBGV”

  1. What a wonderful cheering surprise, just when the Human Beans are behaving utterly idiotically, the voice of canine sanity reaches down from above! God bless you!

  2. No doubt Human Beans, like their vegetable counterparts, do not grow in a straight line upwards…but the dips and ‘flops’ do in the end reach as high as was ever going to be possible.
    Thank you, Bro Duncan, for the beautiful image of stretching out in the sunshine of God’s love, and for the pertinent reminder of the need for preparation for prayer, rather than flying in and out of God’s presence (suiting ourselves perhaps rather than being attentive to God).

  3. Dear Sister Catherine
    Bro Duncan PBGV seems to have your incisiveness. If that is is the correct word, or perhaps you could find me a more suitable word:).

    Glad the op was a success and you are not having bad chemo effect. Look forward to you blogging again- I think?

  4. My heart jumped for joy when I saw that you, or rather the saintlier of your canine alter egos, was back. Bro Duncan’s piece has come on a day of enforced laziness for me, with two arthritic big toes, would you believe, and a mountain of things to do in the garden. They also serve who only sit and wait with a tube of Volterol, I suppose. Thank you. I’ve really missed your messages of wisdom and hope.

  5. Dear Sr Catherine/Bro Duncan, It is so good to hear from you again. I really appreciate your wise meditations which call us back into line so thoughtfully. When I had my cataract op I was totally unprepared for the wonderful difference it made, and I hope you are experiencing the same joy.

  6. Like all good homilies, Bro Duncan’s both entertains, enlightens and gives pause for thought – plus some homework to take away with us! Thank you and thank you Bro Duncan in absentia (or rather, in excelsis).

  7. Thank you for your kind comments. Those lucky enough to have been owned by a PBGV will know that we are endlessly helpful. Digitalnun is doing quite well really but she had an eek moment this morning when she saw all the requests in her inbox. Fortunately, my cousin, The Ginger Fiend, heard her screech and did that caramel-eyed look of concern he’s so good at — before heading off into the garden to catch rabbits. She’ll just have to practise what I preach, won’t she?

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