Ascension Day 2019

Forty days ago we began our celebration of Easter. It is not over yet, but today marks a special point. When Jesus ascends into heaven, all earthly limitations fall away. He, our High Priest, now  intercedes for us at the right hand of the Father. Today’s readings are all about prayer, and I find in them a huge encouragement, for what is monastic life if not a life of prayer? Our prayer is now united with that of Christ himself and as such has a power and efficacy it would otherwise lack. He is the King of glory, the Lord of creation, the one who makes all things possible.

A personal decision
The reminder that monastic life is first and foremost a life of prayer makes this a good day for a small personal announcement. I have decided to take what I hope will prove a short break from blogging and social media. You do not need to be told that the community and I are praying, although I know many of you appreciate our attempts to share some of our reflections, etc

I have great difficulty reading and writing at present and find I am spending a lot of time on my own spelling mistakes. I know my typos are as irritating to others as they are to me. Under normal circumstances, I’d be glad to be told of errors but having to cut, paste and magnify everything sent to me is irksome and, to be honest, sometimes a little discouraging. So, rather than struggle to read tweets and messages, only to discover they are about my awful typing, I think it makes sense not to provide matter for dispute! I am hoping to have surgery on my eyes in the near future, so I shall be back annoying you — though not with typos, I trust — ere long, D.V. Please continue to use our 24/7 email prayerline for prayer requests and email the monastery about any other matter. Quitenun will do her best to maintain the daily prayer intentions on our Facebook page.

If you did not see our May newsletter (the first for 18 months) you can read it using this link and, better still, subscribe to future issues:

Dore Abbey
Finally, I’d like to mention something dear to my heart. We who live in the Golden Valley are privileged to have many fine churches on our doorstep but, like many small rural communities, we struggle to maintain them. Dore Abbey is a wonderful medieval survival badly in need of a new roof. Bro Duncan PBGV used to accompany us to Evensong there (dogs sit with their Human Beans in the pews) so I am sure he would endorse the appeal that has just been launched. I hope some of you will, too. Bless you!


38 thoughts on “Ascension Day 2019”

  1. Dear Sister Catherine

    I am glad of this blog ,as having trouble regarding the actuality of the ascension.

    Thank you for all the effort in giving us these blogs.

    May your short break from blogging etc be restorative and fruitful in your life of prayer. Selfishly I will, however, be praying that it is a very short break and for an influx of eye surgeons. Hope you are chemo free at the moment too.

  2. Dear Sr Catherine,
    Thank you for all your wonderful blogs this far, they are an inspiration and a comfort. I wish you every blessing and a good recovery from your eye surgery.
    With love,Diana and Peke Quinny, who would love to go to Evensong, too.

    • Dear Sister Catherine, we are not losing you but placing you in His care in the hope that your eyes will be healed for your sake and for the benefit of the many.
      We all love you and will be praying ✝ for your recovery. Whatever Quietnun can do in the meantime will be greatly appreciated.
      God bless and care for you. Peace and love be with you xx.

  3. I completely empathise. I no longer find writing and reading of paper possible and am so grateful for my iPad, which is backlit and enables me to make text bold ( except here I find sorry!) enjoy your break and I hope and pray the surgery goes well. I’m not eligible apparently. I’ll be praying

  4. Thank you for mentioning Dore Abbey. I had a memorable visit there with Esther de Waal in 2000 when on sabbatical in the UK, attending Vespers with a local Thomas Merton group after a day seminar.

  5. Prayers are with you dear sister. God be with you and bless you in this season of pause and renewal. I pray, too, that your roof finds funds!
    In Christ . . .

    • Worry not. I have been getting many corrections, etc. I know they are meant to be helpful or funny or both but when one isn’t well and struggling a bit, it is better to be sensible and avoid giving occasion to them.

  6. Praying for a good recovery from Eye surgery for you & a restful contemplative time during this break. My prayers are with you and your tiny but wonderful community.

  7. My cousin Ken (now in his 90s and with dementia) was sent to see a consultant about his cataracts. He was told they were very rare, and asked if he had ever worked in the nuclear industry. “Ah”, he replied, “Do you think it could be because I led the first battalion into Hiroshima after the bomb?”
    Hope yours get sorted soon! ❤️

  8. Praying for the community as always and for successful surgery and a speedy return to fonts being legible!
    your lurker in Abingdon xxx

  9. My partner, who has multiple serious health conditions, had cataracts in both eyes. The morning after the first op I was told I had acquired more wrinkles. Obviously a very successful procedure. Wonderful NHS care. I wish you well dear Sister.

  10. Please be assured of our continuing prayers for you, and in particular for your eye surgery. We always remember you and your community at Mass.

  11. Sister
    Praying for you from Jamaica. I am a minister recovering from serious illness, so I know what you are going through. As we say peace and love, walk good.

  12. Sister, I don’t yet have the courage to surrender myself to Christ but I know I am blessed that you pray for me every day. May God bless you

  13. Praying for you from Bologna, dear sister Catherine, and praying for a safe surgery and a restful recovery! “in bocca al lupo”! And anxious to read you soon!

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