An Easter Drenched in Blood: 2019

As I was posting this morning’s prayer tweet, news came in of the massacre in Sri Lanka. Churches and hotels have been bombed and at least 137* are known to be dead. It was a bloody and brutal act, and there are fears that there is more to come. Yet we continue to sing ‘Alleluia’, to proclaim Christ’s triumph over sin and death, to assert that love and forgiveness are better than hatred and cruelty. Are we fools, living in a cosy world of make-believe; or are we clear-sighted, conscious of the reality of things and refusing to be daunted by evil or the lack of humanity we discover in ourselves and in others?

Note, I say in ourselves as well as others. If our pilgrimage to Easter has taught us anything, it must be that we are each capable of the most horrific evil. We are sinners in need of redemption; weak and fallible beings in need of a Saviour. This morning, as we pray for our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka, we pray for all Christian people, that we may have not only the courage of our faith but its compassion and forgiveness, too. So we can sing our ‘alleluias’, confident that the Risen Christ continues to be the source of our unity and peace, for he has shed his own blood for us and lives now to intercede for us at the right hand of the Father. May he do so now, that the Father of all goodness may see and love in those dead and injured Sri Lankans ‘Christ lovely in limbs not his.’
ªnow 310.


2 thoughts on “An Easter Drenched in Blood: 2019”

  1. A quick death while worshipping God is surely equivalent to winning the lottery? The ones who are still alive and in great pain or are mourning certainly wont feel blessed but they are. They are blessed because they weren’t the ones committing the atrocity.
    I pray for the victims of this tragedy but I pray more for the broken minds that think killing innocent people because of their faith is doing Gods work. Lord flood the world with your love. Help us who have faith in your Son Jesus to live by his example, and help us to teach the world about your one great act of kindness and its legacy for all of humanity.

  2. As so often – all we can do is pray. Clear that hatred and cruelty, dare I say evil, are present in abundance, but even in this world this is not God’s plan but the work of people, choosing to destroy rather than love. Far too many are moved to violence towards anything they do not like/understand/agree with.

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