Good Friday 2019

The cross at Notre Dame de Paris after the fire
Stat crux dum volvitur orbis } The cross stands while the world turns

Good Friday can sometimes seem remote, but surely not this year. The sight of the cross at Notre Dame still standing after the fire has reminded us all that the events of this day are eternally significant. God in Christ has forgiven us. Nothing can ever change that. Now it is for us to forgive others, and if we are hesitant or inclined to limit our forgiveness to certain groups we approve of or even to put others on probation, as it were, we should remember the forgiveness so quickly and readily expressed by many of the Muslims affected by the Christchurch mosque shootings. Good Friday doesn’t give us options; it gives us a command.

At this time of year I often turn to poetry to help me gain a fresh insight into the tremendous events we celebrate. Inevitably, I turn to old favourites, The Dream of the Rood and many of the poems in the Harley Collection. There is a warmth and humanity about them that brings the Crucifixion very close, making us no longer spectators but involved, participant.

Lovely tear from lovely eye,
Why dost thou look so sore?

sings one medieval lyric on the Crucifixion. It is we, alas, who make the cross to be what it is not; who ignore the love and compassion that held our Saviour to its beams; who was and is ‘never wroth’. As we sing the Reproaches this afternoon, that love and compassion should be uppermost in our minds. May it become our own response to God’s extraordinary love for us.


7 thoughts on “Good Friday 2019”

  1. We will be singing Bach’s St. John Passion in Coventry Cathedral. Meanwhile my consultant phoned to say I have 2 scans next week to find out what the situation is with the probable cancer in my neck. And then I found this morning that a former student, having given up chocolate for Lent, feasted on it yesterday because Google told her that Lent ended on Thursday 18th April. What a mixture!

  2. Of all images offered to the world, of the flames of Notre Dame, this one picture is the one that speaks in great simplicity of where we are. The Cross, the Light in this dark place, the hope that is unchanging.

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