Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception 2018

There are times when we need to be still and simply rejoice in the wonder and beauty of God. Today is one of those times. As it is Saturday, and Christmas is little more than a fortnight away, I suspect many will greet that remark with hollow laughter, but it is still true. We can cudgel our brains to understand the theology of this feast — Mary’s sinlessness, which did not exempt her from the need to be redeemed, Augustine’s theology of original sin and all the logical and frankly illogical consequences of that — but ultimately we are left on our knees, marvelling at God’s grace and its perfect fulfilment in that young Jewish girl whom we dare to call Mother of God. May she pray for us all, but especially today for the overburdened and the tired.


3 thoughts on “Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception 2018”

  1. This former Lutheran has been nurturing a devotion to Our Lady for many years. (Perhaps I am wrong for blaming Lutheranism for the hurdles this has presented, and I should accept responsibility for inconsistent devotional practices.) At any rate, I saw an animated version of the song “Mary did you know” the other day, and it really moved me, as all of the more traditional hymns of, for and about Mary do, too… Magnificat! Mary’s song/prayer can be a key to a heightened and grateful acknowledgment of Her role in salvation.

    • Indeed. I love the fact that among Benedictines Marian devotion is very simple and straightforward. I often think of St Bernard’s image of her as the aqueduct that channels the Water of Life to us all

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