A New Look for an Old Blog

Readers may notice that we have changed a few things on the blog, making the desktop and mobile versions more like each other than they were hitherto. This is only the first stage of an intended ‘refresh’ of the design and layout. Our principal reason for change was the need to ensure that the underlying code on which the blog relies is as free from vulnerabilities as possible. Having suffered a major cyber attack in the past (and ever since paying a lot of money for 24/7 professional monitoring, to ensure that no one’s computer is infected with malware, etc), the introduction of GDPR and the changes that required seemed a good time to overhaul the blog as a whole. So, what are the changes, and are they permanent?

First, I don’t intend to make any further changes for at least a fortnight. That is partly to allow myself to get over the chemocosh (and help prepare our accounts for their annual audit, groan). It is also because the shock of the new often overrides judgement. Most of us need to get used to change little by little.

Second, from a reader’s point of view, the changes made so far concern the following:

  • We are using a theme created by GeneratePress and tweaking it to suit our purposes.
  • We are using Alegreya serif as a typeface. That may change again.
  • We have introduced colour into post headers (you may not see them if you use a Dlvr.it or bitly link to get to a post).
  • We have changed the layout slightly to make our comment and quotation policies clearer, and to enable people to find the RSS feed more easily.

When I am satisfied that the basic structure of the blog is working as it should and load times are acceptable, we shall be introducing a few genuinely new elements, including more graphics, including photos. I am not the world’s greatest photographer and freely admit that words and typefaces are where my own interest lies, but I will try to make iBenedictines more visually appealing to those who have more pictorial imagination than I do.

You can help, as many have already (thank you) by letting me know of any difficulties you experience using the blog, and how you feel about the design changes.

What won’t change? There are no plans to change the type of content, nor the way in which opinions are expressed. A few kites will still be flown, and I hope the Holy Spirit will be there somewhere, ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus, ‘that God may be glorified in all things.’ (RB 57.9)


12 thoughts on “A New Look for an Old Blog”

  1. Looking good so far.

    I am wondering how to fill this enormous text box?

    I might have to blether for a few sentences to fill it out.

    I too am not a great photographer, thankfully, my Camera takes care of that for me.

    Artificial Intelligence without even trying.

    Keep up the Good work

  2. Absolutely filled with admiration and heart-felt thanks,
    albeit from a 90-yr- old slow- learner on all things to do with IT and AI,
    which seem to have their own language!

    Bon Courage!
    Bonne Chance!
    (Have I got the genders right?)

    • It is probably vain or perhaps, better,’touchy’ of me to mention it, but having spent 30 years in the monastery working as a typographer and printer, 15 years as a web and app designer and 13+ years working with the visually impaired, I am sensitive to the needs of the visually impaired, even if I don’t always get it right. As expected, I’m getting lots of contradictory reactions from people which will be carefully weighed before we move onto the next phase of the relaunch.

  3. There are lots of reasons to visit your blog. The words “hitherto” and “fortnight” are two reasons.
    The excellent content, honesty and humor are others. Thanks so much for the thought and effort you put into this work. Congratulations and good luck with the changes.

  4. A wonderful revamp of the website. I can grasp the opportunity provided by ‘things beyond one’s control’ to do major things that one had contemplated (like the GDPR implementation!).

    I look forward to continuing renewal of a wonderful blog.

  5. I am visually impaired with Cataracts forming to add to the difficulties.

    I am reading this blog on a laptop and it’s clear enough for me at the moment.

    I can always enlarge the screen if needed, but so far, so good.

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