For Holy Saturday 2018

Holy Saturday: once more we experience the silence and stillness of this ‘time out of time’ when earth awaits the Resurrection. It seems so bleak: there are no sacraments, no light, no warmth, and we can do nothing. It is as though life itself were suspended; yet it isn’t. This is the day when God alone acts, powerfully, redemptively. This is the day of God’s unseen activity, the Harrowing of Hell. Tonight the darkness will be shattered for ever and heaven and earth unite in one triumphant blaze of glory and new life. Christ will rise, never to die again. We shall be one with the events of two thousand years ago and all our sin and shame will be seen in a new guise as ‘a happy fault, the necessary sin of Adam,’ and we shall know ourselves loved as never before. Our Redeemer will be with us.


3 thoughts on “For Holy Saturday 2018”

  1. On this Holy Saturday I find the bleakness of which you write so appositely to be more real than ever. Earlier today a personal crisis through which I happen to be passing this Eastertide lurched further downwards with a twist of such apparently refined cruelty – not directly from a person but through what, at any rate, seems like coincidence – that one is tempted (perhaps in a literal sense?) to see the hand of the enemy at work. In the end all Jesus was left with on the cross was trust, but the Resurrection vindicated that trust. May we all be helped to find it too in our many and varied circumstances.

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