The Meaning of Snow

snow at the monastery 18/3/2018

All night snow fell, hushing everything. This morning the world is full of mystery as familiar sights take on strange shapes and forms. Snow lies thick on the cider mill, the fruit trees and the lawns. The Black Mountains are white again and there is a beautiful, luminous silence which quietens mind and heart. It is a precious time, one in which to learn again the meaning of prayer, fidelity and perseverance. Too many people want to fill the world with clamour, shrieking loudly that this is wrong or that is bad and they alone have the answer to all our problems. The truth is, there is only one solution to every wrong, every human failure: Christ Jesus our Lord. The snow understands that. Its bright, warm mantle covers everything, dresses it all anew in white β€” the bride clothes of the Church. This morning, here in Herefordshire, the union between Christ and his Church is written in the landscape. It is a huge encouragement, a blessing, as we go deeper into Lent.


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  1. So beautifully written….we at Fresh Faith prayer share, 400 plus strong, give thanks this day.Your friends in Christ from Urbana, Ohio and around the world.

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