Simple Goodness by Bro Duncan PBGV

From my vantage point in Beyond, I often wonder why Human Beans just don’t get it. They rush around trying to fix what can’t be fixed and become very complicated about things that are really very simple. Take goodness, for example. Dogs understand goodness perfectly. Everyone is our very best friend and to be treated as such. True, we may have a special soft spot for the most hopeless among them, the ones who are always getting things wrong, but we are very delicate in the way we express it. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sat beside BigSis and gazed at her with my big brown eyes to show sympathy and understanding or trotted along in front of LittleSis, my tail gently waving to reassure her that everything was going to be all right! Even the Ginger Fiend is learning that life isn’t all treats and tummy rubs. We have to be there for Them. Which brings me to my point.

I was asking St Aelred the other day whether there wasn’t a problem with Human Beans misunderstanding his teaching on friendship and stuff. He looked at me very shrewdly and, being a good teacher, asked me what I thought. Well, simples! Human Beans do get him wrong very often. Probably it takes a dog to get to the heart of the matter. Love of others should lead to love of God or it is not real love. My dearest wish is for everyone I knew and loved on earth to be with me in Beyond where we can rejoice with God for ever and ever. That is real love, I have no doubt; and it is very patient, humble and persevering. I know I have a big task ahead of me, but I put my paws together regularly and never lose hope.

Very few now remember much about St Aelred except his love of God and his love of his brethren, and that’s as it should be. Human Beans can learn from that sort of forgetting. It doesn’t matter how handsome or successful we are, how learned or ‘inspiring’, simple goodness — loving others — is what counts. But it must be genuine love of others, not covert manipulation or self-seeking (a bit like some of the Young Sprog’s earlier attempts to win a supernumerary Dentastix. ‘Nuff sed.). I think that’s why we dogs don’t have very long lives by human standards. We learn very quickly to love deeply, constantly and forgivingly. We’re good at simple goodness — thank goodness!


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  1. Only a human bean who has had a doggy friend will understand completely the emotions that Brother Duncan is describing. A succinct and sincere exposition of what is love for the Lord and one’s neighbour. Simples!

  2. I believe it was Thomas Aquinas who said ‘There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship’. Thank you Bro. Duncan for your wise words.

  3. this post has touched me very deeply as I admire St Aelred and dogs (possibly in equal parts). Having just lost my dear little Gertie (dog) and trusting in your memory of me Bro Duncan, lets hope we both share in the inheritance described by bro Aelred.

  4. Oh, so true. (I’m new to this site, believe it was through a Magnificat meditation that I became aware) I would like to ‘double tap’ Br Duncan’s blog. I’m currently down with the flu and our dog Mattie ( 80 lb Lab) this morning jumped on the bed whimpering to see how I was fairing…she truly lifted my spirits.

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