On Being Playful

Half-term seems as good a time as any to remind ourselves of the importance of playfulness. It is not, I admit, an obviously religious quality until one remembers that one of its synonyms is light-heartedness. Surely any Christian ought to go through life with a light heart? And oughtn’t that light-heartedness to express itself in our daily thoughts and actions? It is not the same as levity — an inappropriate lack of seriousness — it is more like the creative playfulness of Proverbs 8: a rejoicing in God’s goodness, being a delight to God. I think we sometimes spend so much time thinking about how far we fall short of the glory of God (which we do) that we forget that we are his glory. Today, whatever we have to do, whatever life throws at us, let us rejoice and be glad, playful because we are ever in God’s presence.


3 thoughts on “On Being Playful”

  1. Excellent.
    I know that I tend towards joy and playfulness, but always leavened with some compassion and commonsense.

    And sharing that Joyfulness with others is a privilege and pleasure.

    Thanks for reminding me, that my\joy can be grace filled as well.

  2. Quite! And I do rejoice and am glad. But I’m finding it hard to shift the world-weariness brought on by the strange goings-on of our times. Oh to be more playful!

    Thank you, Sister, for your inspired blogs, encouragement and prayers. May God’s love be with us all.

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