One Day at a Time

There has been a lot of sadness and distress in the most recent prayer requests sent  via our email prayerline. We answer with a generalized reply if a valid email address is supplied on the form, to ensure the confidentiality and anonymity on which people rely. But if I had to give any more personal advice, it would be very simple: take one day at a time. The greatest tragedies, like the most heart-breaking anxieties, can only be approached in the present. It is now that we have to deal with them — not tomorrow. Grace is given as and when we need it. It can’t be stored up, although, of course, we can prepare ourselves to receive grace by trying to live virtuously, reading, praying, receiving the sacraments and so on.

Whatever may be weighing upon you today, be comforted that the Lord knows what you are struggling to bear and will help you — in his own way and at his own time, admittedly, but help he will. The Imitation of Christ says that if we bear the cross cheerfully, it will bear us. I think I’d go further and say, even if we bear the cross haltingly and with many a grumble, it will still carry us. Those wide arms encompass the whole world and all eternity. We are safe when we cling on as best we can.


17 thoughts on “One Day at a Time”

  1. You can have no idea how important and meaningful those words are to me at the moment…..God truly works in incredible ways and finds ways to speak to each of us personally. Thank you and God bless you , your work and your community.

  2. Dear Sisters,

    Many people think women who are called to the religious life crazy. They believe that because some choose a cloistered order you are running from the world.

    Your posts prove that totally false. Never have I read such well informed views as are written daily. I pray God you are able to continue in your form of praise and continue to inspire me

    With love

    • Thank you, that is kind. I was recently told by one who is not a fan that I myself am ‘detached from human experience.’ Rather rum, I thought, but certainly not true of the community as a whole.

      • I actually laughed aloud at that one. What exactly is the “human experience” you are detached from? We all live such different lives, that I fail to see how anyone’s “human experience” can be the same, how anyone could fail to have one, or how any particular experience could be less valid! I get patronised in my own work, at times, but that takes the biscuit.

        I also agree with your post for today. I’ve never felt the presence of God intervene more closely, than when I was considering ending it all, but had the sense to keep praying. The feeling didn’t last, but it gives me a very strong faith to go along with, through good days and bad ones. I always hope and pray that anyone else feeling like there is no joy in living, or overwhelmed with other negative feelings, can also find their way through – one day at a time, as you say.

  3. Thank you Sr Catherine, this is the second time recently you have written about grace not being able to be stored up like electricity in a battery but given as needed. That has given me much food for thought. Blessings

  4. We are all part of life’s walking wounded. I definitely take one day at a time. When I have a busy or bad day, I have to pray or I know I won’t get through it. I like the prayer: Lord help me to remember that nothing is going to happen today that You and I cannot handle together.

  5. As always, just the encouragement I need when things are getting difficult and prayer seems dry and too much like habit and routine. Many thanks. I will do my best to heed your sage advice.

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