Getting Down to Earth by Bro Duncan PBGV

This is my first blog post from Beyond. BigSis asked me to do one while she and the young sprog enjoy a protracted convalescence. There’s not much wrong with Bro Dyfrig BFdeB, by the way, he just likes lazing on the guest sofa, but I’m always happy to give a helping paw when I can; and I must admit, I do like the sound of my own voice which, as the breed standard says, is freely used. So, listen up, please.

It seems to me that Human Beans are getting worked up about all kinds of things at the moment: Brexit, the Trump administration, Mr Putin, Amoris Laetitia, refugees β€” you name it, you worry about it. Worry is not good for Human Beans. It gives you wrinkles and grey hairs and makes you very, very bad-tempered. Friends suddenly become foes, and you smoulder with barely-suppressed rage as the mildest comment is interpreted as criticism or betrayal. I’ve tried to suggest in the past that life would be much nicer for you all if you tried being more dog, but since you don’t seem to be able to agree on that, may I suggest that it is time you got down to earth and worried about something worthwhile: vegetable rationing. Yes, vegetable rationing.

According to the BBC, floods in Spain mean that there is, and will continue to be, a shortage of many of your favourite vegetables. Supermarkets are rationing broccoli and iceberg lettuce (why anyone should want to eat either is beyond me, but Human Beans are funny like that). Now, this isn’t just a simple supply and demand problem such as BigSis likes to pontificate about when she puts her ex-banker cap on, it is a Big Problem with metaphysical dimensions to it. You could call it the salad and civics question of our time, but however you like to dress it up, it is a question you need to address urgently.

You Human Beans like to think you can go it alone in so many ways. Yes, you will be a great nation; you will be lords of all creation; everything will be tickety-boo when the world is refashioned according to your own ideas, or so you say. But you forget something very basic. You have to eat. And if you don’t grow all your own food, you have to rely on others, which means trade and mutual give and take and perhaps having Human Beans from other countries doing some of the things that you can’t or won’t do for yourself. Even if you are remarkably self-sufficient now, the time will come when you are old or sick and you will HAVE to rely on others. My advice, therefore, is to think about these things now, and instead of worrying about a future that may never come or indulging in fantasies of grandeur and self-sufficiency, to live in the present, humbly and in touch with the reality you yourself can help shape and form. What you do now matters. How you treat other Human Beans matters. In fact, you really should try being more like us dogs β€” more loving, more compassionate, more down to earth.


22 thoughts on “Getting Down to Earth by Bro Duncan PBGV”

  1. I hear echoes of today’s lectionary reading (Heb 13:1-8) in what Brother Duncan PBGV says. He is indeed a very wise and clever dog.

  2. Such wise words. My servant read it to me this morning. And while she and I would disagree with you about the merits of dogs of dogs over cats (naturally) and we think that cats win hands down on self sufficiency, we all know we need each each other and it’s the now that matters.

  3. Dear Bro Duncan, in heaven above.

    We do appreciate your blog posts from above, but wonder why you are thinking about our worries here on earth.

    Since you have the ear of our Creator and Lord, perhaps you might suggest to him (politely) that what we need right now is the second coming. Alternatively, you might suggest that Julian of Norwich might pop down and give the human beans a good dose of her theology of the God of Love, that all will be well if we just stop all of the worrying.

    I know that it’s a tall order for a vertically challenged PGBV, but I am sure that with your good humour and tail wagging that a few tricks in front of the Throne of the Lord, would go down well.

    Yours Sincerely, a perrenial worrier

  4. Hi, K9 – have you met my Polly? She was like you, never put a foot wrong yet her favourite word was “sorry”. Made us feel so humble – and so loving. Funny words, humble and loving. Keep up the God work. Oh my spelling….

    • Yep. Met every dog EVER up here in Beyond. The Heavenly Banquet has a special room just for us and our Human Beans. I’ll go and give your Polly a special tail-wag.

  5. I just read your post to my mum. She went a bit dewy eyed thinking of you and Barney in Heaven but I reminded her that I’m here wiv her and They have BroDyfrig. We also all have you and Barney watching over us too so we are very lucky. I’ve reminded mum you’re very wise and to heed your words. She even agreed wiv me which doesn’t happen very often. Woof woof, Winston

  6. How lovely to hear from you, dear Dunc…wise as ever! I’m sure you will have met my dear departed Flo by now (hairy lurcher, one eye, no spleen….rather piratical) and she will have barked at you that you can give Beans good advice until you are blue in the face but they are hopeless……no wonder The Good Lord had to take drastic measures to bring them to their senses πŸ™‚

    Let’s take heart from the fact that, in this world, everything changes… day Cromwell…next day Trump….one day Stalin….next day Putin……all in the end will stand before God and have to explain themselves. May he have mercy on all of us x

  7. Dear Bro Duncan PBGV,
    Please may I ask you to look out for India (the most beautiful,golden retriever) who had to leave ‘human’ world today. Thank you

    • Of course. I’m sure India and I will be very good friends and the nuns will send you virtual hugs and prayers because They know what a big gap our going to Beyond leaves.

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