That Monday Morning Feeling

Even in a monastery, where there is nothing to trouble or vex anyone and all is bliss and serenity (Oh, the irony! Ed.), Monday mornings can be difficult. After the liturgical and gastronomic highs of Sunday, Monday can be rather flat. There is the laundry to do plus a thousand other mundane tasks, and not even a good dinner to look forward to. For reasons entirely beyond me, it always seems as though the weather is colder, the atmosphere bleaker, and everyone, dog included, less aimiable than the day before. Much as I hate to admit it, that means conditions are perfect for putting into practice what we preach. This is the day, this is the moment, for that cheerful courtesy, that tactful kindness, that generous service that looked so attractive yesterday but which we weren’t asked to give then. However gloomy or glum that Monday morning feeling may make us, we know we can transcend it. Like St Willibrord, whose feast-day this is, we just have to keep plugging away at it, doing what we can. And when you think what he and the Anglo-Saxon missionaries achieved, there is enough inspiration there to take us through a lifetime of Monday mornings!


6 thoughts on “That Monday Morning Feeling”

  1. What a brilliant post! Short, pithy, and precisely aimed. Cheered me up no end to read it. Thank you Digitalnun.
    I will try and make my Monday as spiritually productive as possible.
    My respect and best wishes as always.

  2. Amen to that, Dame Catherine. It is particularly bleak for me as I enter two days of no fibre meals with no vegetables; before a 24 hour fast and bowel movements before my annual colonoscopy on Thursday. Oh the delights of Kleanprep and Picolax! Today I sit doing the church invoices whilst waiting to update the parish computer backups as Windows 10 has decided to upgrade and demand an immediate reboot!

  3. Remember the wartime ditty?
    Now I think Monday’s a horrible day
    After you’ve had a weekend away:
    Off to the office you’re plodding away
    On a nasty Monday morning.

    In fact, I don’t “do” nasty days – they are all what I make them.

  4. I like Mondays ! My heart is always lighter on a Monday. When I was still a clergyman it was a great relief after the strains and demands of the weekend to wind down just a little

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