Easter Wednesday and Emmaus Moments

We all have Emmaus moments — times when we suddenly see and understand something previously hidden, or something we vaguely felt all along is revealed to be gloriously, unequivocally true. It is even more wonderful when we suddenly see not something but someone for the first time, as it were. It is an epiphany, a revelation; and seeing someone, really seeing them, is always to see something of God. Most of us will be very busy today. We’ll probably meet lots of people without truly meeting them at all: they will pass us in the street, drive past in a car or barely register as individuals in a crowd. Yet each one is a unique reflection of God, an expression of Christ ‘lovely in limbs not his.’ Let us give thanks for each one and ask a blessing on them as we pass.


3 thoughts on “Easter Wednesday and Emmaus Moments”

  1. It still seems amazing that they failed to recognise him in the first place, as he had told them throughout his ministry that Christ would suffer these things and enter into his glory. “Something prevented them from recognising him”. Perhaps we too have seen Jesus on so many crucifixes that we can’t see him alive either, when he is “lovely in limbs not his”. I love that quote from “When kingfishers catch fire”.
    “ and lovely in eyes not his
    To the Father through features of men’s faces”
    It reminds me of what François Mauriac said: “If you are friends with Christ many others will warm themselves at your fire. […] On the day when you no longer burn with love, many will die of the cold.”

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