An Offer You Cannot Refuse?

Lent will soon be upon us (yes, really, Ash Wednesday is 10 February!) and I shall begin posting on Lenten themes. In past years a number of people have found it helpful to have a book of scripture assigned to them, just as it is in the monastery, which they read through during Lent. Sometimes the choice is congenial; sometimes it isn’t; but St Benedict gives us this task for a reason (cf RB 48.14–16) and expects us to work at it. As St Jerome says, ‘Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ,’ and Lent is a time when we try to know our Lord and Saviour better than ever.

If you would like me to assign you a Lent book, please use the link below and I will do my best to respond before Lent begins. I can’t guarantee that you won’t get a book you’ve had assigned to you in previous years, but if that happens, comfort yourself with the thought that the mistakes the Holy Spirit helps us to make are usually not mistakes at all. Please note that this offer is limited to the first hundred persons to apply USING THE FORM BELOW! (If you can’t see the form, it could be that you have disabled JavaScript.)


23 thoughts on “An Offer You Cannot Refuse?”

  1. Oh Dear.

    I’m already particpating in our Parish Lent Course as a Leader. And we’re doing the Psalms. Particularly Psalm 8 and Psalm 100 on the York Lent Course.

    I’d really love to have a book assigned, but with my studies continuing into Lent a residential next weekend and three assignments due in short order afterwards I fear that it would be taking on too much.

    But love the idea – and might suggest something like it for our Lent course next year.

    I suspect that I’ll be looking at the Book of Psalms in some depth anyway πŸ™‚

  2. Reading directions is not a skill many of us use. I have a few questionably assembled bookcases to prove the point at least in this house.

    Thanks for the directions on how to get the book. Thankfully, they are short and sweet.

    • This made me smile as our daughter has one such bookcase in her apartment, the bottom panel hidden from view by a basket. To be fair some of those assembly instructions would challenge Leonardo.

  3. Last Lent my husband and I requested books from our pastor. After thought and prayer he came up with two and suggested we swap halfway through the 40 days and have discussions. I’ve gone back to them through the year from time to time recalling insights and graces received meditating on them.

    If anyone does not make the first 100 of Sister’s choosing I’d recommend you approach your own pastor and request one on your own. It might feel a little odd at first, particularly if your pastor has not been approached with this in the past but it really is a good Lenten practice that continues to give throughout the year. Our pastor was pleased to participate I might add and it was a good reminder to us to pray for him in return.

  4. One has been a good boy (as one always is, of course) and completed the form.

    Would just like to say what a lovely idea this is. I have been looking into what I was going to use and couldn’t make up my mind (as usual!).

    Wouldn’t it be just amazing if one ends up with the book I had in mind! πŸ™‚

    Bless you, Sr

  5. What a lovely thought, Sister. I think that if someone makes a suggestion it is often the Lord doing so – so surely He has something special to tell me in this book! Thank you for being an instrument.

  6. My apologies – the form is now there when I view on my laptop. So much for using my cell phone. I hope you will pray for my lack of tech savy! God bless

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